Monday, September 01, 2014

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

There had been a lot of press recently for ALS, and rightfully so. ALS is about as horrible as you can get and has not had the kind of publicity it should have. I hope that like I, you all chose to make a donation to ALSA.ORG.

Today though, I am turning the attention briefly to Thyroid Cancer. I know, it seems as if it's not fancy enough. Some have referred to Thyroid Cancer as "the good cancer". While treatable, it is not a picnic, it is cancer and if affects people and families just as cancer always seems to do.

According to THYCA, "Thyroid cancer is one of the few cancers that has increased in incidence rates over recent years."

I became more familiar with Thyroid Cancer through my friend T, I shall refer to her as T to protect her privacy. I first met T through her web presence, and oddly enough, had it not been for her battle with Thyroid Cancer, her web presence may  never have happened and I may never have met her. Meeting T has truly been one of the greatest gifts of my life, I love her as much as I've ever loved another human being, but knowing all that she has endured as a result of Thyroid Cancer, I wish it never happened.

I've worn this Thyroid Cancer awareness bracelet for some time now and I guess since it's not as popular as so many of the other ones, I still occasionally get asked, "what's that one supposed to represent, what is that blue-ish?"

"Thyroid Cancer, and by the way, its teal." is what I reply. Then almost always, I touch it.

I've posted in this space about it in the past, but I've wanted to remember Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month for a while and today, on this first day of that month (established as a month in 2003) - I post this, with the link to THYCA, to help raise awareness of the disease and this organization.

If I may ask that you visit the site, perhaps if you are feeling it, make a donation, and learn about the disease and learn about detection, symptoms, and all there is to know.

If you don't mind, perhaps to can help spread the word. Thanks for reading.

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