Friday, October 24, 2014

Flight of the Concorde

I remember when the Concorde first came out, all the hype, all the talk, and look at it - it's quite amazing to look at; that was especially true for a teenage boy when it was first introduced to the masses.

I was super excited that I lived in NY because I knew with JFK airport so close, I would get to see one every now and again. I recall the first one I ever saw, I can almost feel my jaw drop the way it did that day and hear the sound it made at it passed over.

It amazing to think of the engineering marvel that plane represented considering it was conceived and designed in the 1960's. Can you even imagine a cruising speed of 1350 miles per hour? Here's a link to an interesting account of a then 18 year old: CLICK HERE.

I found this video that someone shot on board. It's a bit longer than it needs to be but interesting anyway;

Do you have any Concorde memories, ideas, stories, etc?

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