Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Follow Up and Something New

To follow up on yesterday's trash can thing, the morons who pick up my trash left it behind. before I continue, please don't think I just casually call them morons for one thing, they have proven time and time again to me and others in my town (as evidenced by posts on town discussion board) that they are indeed morons who take zero pride in their work.

For next week, I will put that garbage can inside of the larger recycle can and fill the rest with other recycles and it will probably be gone because they wouldn't have had to life one more item.
I had a parent of an autistic student come to me practically in tears asking for help to recover a paper that may have been lost. I am meeting with them after lunch - she was almost in tears and mentioned that she is in the midst of chemotherapy and spend more than eight hours working with her son to do this paper and will do it again but wasn't sure where she would get the strength to do it.

I can only hope that whatever happened to the paper that it is indeed recoverable, I want to be able to do that, though I know there is only a chance that it is possible and I made it clear to her that the chances were possible, but not necessarily probable.

Really beautiful weather here today, if you too are experiencing nicer weather than you expect, enjoy it and be grateful!!!

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