Monday, October 06, 2014

Is there a Guide with That?

Doesn't it feel like nothing comes with a good instruction manual or guide book anymore? That feels like a bad sentence but I am not going to over analyze (or give a crap).

I wonder how many cool features of gadgets go completely undiscovered because they aren't so obvious to find and there is no documentation.

I remember way back when Word Perfect was "the shit', the primo word processing program for a PC. We used to sell it on 5.25" floppy disks; the package weighed about 20 pounds because in addition to the box containing all umpteen floppies, there were 19.25 pounds of books to go through. Now it's even an effort to get the software on some kind of media, it comes in empty boxes with a slip of paper telling you to download it from a website and put in a million codes to get clearance,

Have you ever discovered a something about a device or gadget or piece of software long after you've owned it?

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