Thursday, October 16, 2014

Post Script

The title of this post may not really relate to the content of the post but for some reason, the title hit me, even before writing this into, much lest the post that will follow - so I went with it.

I am serving on a search committee at work to fill a job position in my department. It's wild to see the variance in applicants and resumes. It's baffling that some have absolutely zero qualifications, and I say that just using the job description they are responding to, yet still apply and talk themselves up in their cover letter.I find this baffling!

At least the applicant pool is manageable. Only other search committee I served on had about 70 resumes to sift through, this one is less than two dozen.

This committee process we use is quite odd, first interview and these candidates are being bombarded by anywhere between 4 and 10 interviewers...daunting.

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