Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Scoop on The Stoup

I think I've mentioned "The Carve", and The Farmer's Market here on the blog. The Carve is a vendor, a food vendor that really had a big impact this year not only with their consistently outstanding food, but with the right attitude toward supporting the local community and by being good friends to those they served.

I managed to attend the farmers market in all but 4 Saturday's this summer and for each of those week's, I found myself indulging in food served from "The Carve" (except for the one week they ran out of lobster one customer before me - haha).

A few weeks back, I had the idea that in a show of gratitude to John and Marie, along with their staff, I would cook something and bring it to them. I knew what I wanted to do but it required time that I did not have, so I resorted to the "Lasagna Stoup" recipe (the one I posted yesterday).

It seemed to go over well, in addition to The Carve staff, I invited the "Birch Tree" bread company, who not only served as a vendor at the market all summer but they were also the source of bread products for The Carve.

It rained all morning and afternoon, attendance was low, but it was glorious nonetheless.

Thanks again John and Marie! See you next summer!

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