Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trash Can (No Picture)

I really think I should have snapped a picture of my trash waiting for pickup and then one post pickup to add a little (and I emphasize little) zazz to this post.

Last night, among my trash out for collection, I placed an old trash pail in hopes of it being taken away. Now, this is not a typical outdoor trash pail, I suspect that could be a bit tricky to dispose of, instead, it was an old (not very old, just older than the built in contraption in the new kitchen setup) step on the thingie and the top opens kind of deal. I just left the think next to the recycle pail.

There was a part of me thinking that some passerby may claim it, this has happened so often with other things I've left for trash, but as of around 7 am when I pulled out of the driveway, it was still there.

Of course, if it is gone when I get home, which is my hope, I will really have no idea if it was the less than competent trash people or some passerby who saw treasure in my trash. Ultimately, it matters not since my goal was to be rid of it but that will not stop me from some amount of wonder.

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