Friday, November 07, 2014

Under a Texas Sky

I've never been to Texas and for a long time, I never really cared as the political landscape, at least as I perceive it, Texas was always too Texas for me. I have a great respect for some of the athletes and musicians that have come from there but it was not much of a big deal for me to visit.

Somewhere along the way, there had been a cultural movement, the hipster generation seemed to gravitate to the city of Austin and found some cross between the influences of the southern culture embroiled in the roots of the capital of the lone star state and created a cool hip vibe along with an interesting music scene to wrap around the wonders that mother nature gifted the landscape with; and of course, Willie Nelson got his two cents in on making that city cool!

In the last decade, I've had an increasing interest in visiting Austin and finally, that will happen next month.

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