Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 10: Posts

Just because I want to go back and take a glimpse at the past year, I am going to pick one post from each month as my "favorite" and link it here (since I barely posted in November and December, I will leave those months out):

January: Mingles
This post just brings me back to some fun times with old friends.

February: Not My Valentine
I almost forgot about this story from last Valentine's day...lmfao!

March: Book Review: Don't Tell Anyone
This book was written by someone my sister-in-law is friends with and kind of fell into my lap and turned out to be really great.

April: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Mailbox
I chose this because I was so proud of accomplishing the task.

May: Friday
There's a friggin' picture of L&B Spumoni Garden Pizza in this post, need I say more?

June: Happy Tenth Blog-iversary
There were a few to choose from here but I have to go with this one; reading it again and thinking back to the early days of blogging and the great community of folks, several of which I have remained friends with, just makes me happy!

July: Tuning in To the Universe
Another month where there were several to choose from but this story still has impact - I remember it as if it happened today.

August: Got Milk?
Love the nostalgia.

September: Funny Flood
It's just so damn funny!

October: Recipe: Lasagna Stoup
It's freaking delicious - go make some now, you'll see!

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