Wednesday, January 21, 2015

92 Radio

This is a picture of the car radio from a colleague of mine who happens to be 92 years of age.

Convinced that all technology is against her, she often requests assistance with both work related and personal technology, all "forced" upon her.

Today, her problem was that she was unable to change her car radio from FM to AM. She was adamant that it switched over to FM all on it's own. BTW, it was after I took the picture, which I did so that she can use it as a guide for how to change from FM to AM and the sort, that I started laughing almost uncontrollably that I was hearing a Fergies song in a car owned by a 92 year old lady, in particular, this 92 year old lady!

Anyway, the mystery was solved, I had to contort myself to get into her car (though I could have more easily just adjusted the seat first) times!

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