Saturday, January 17, 2015


It was 58 frigid degrees in my house when I awoke! I went down to the boiler room to assess the situation and was able to determine that the circulating pump was working, and the boiler was on, but there was still no heat.

I remembered from several years back, that I should check down below the boiler and saw no flame. Aha, the pilot has gone out.

I was remotely confident that I might be able to avoid paying a plumber, so I went to work, and I was slightly petrified for the off chance I might blow up my house and perhaps even perish in the process. I unscrewed a few things, I had the flashlight with me, I even believe that my sweats in combination with my positioning left me with a resemblance to a common stereotype about plumbers.

I recall my last plumber showing me how to light the pilot, but that was some time ago. I did attempt a few things and then made the decision that if this was the only problem, I'd rather pay a plumber than risk blowing things up - so I caved and made the call.

To his credit, my plumber did attempt to walk me through if and was actually successful, but the pilot would not stay lit and so came the diagnosis that the thermocouple needed replacement. Within an hour, he had come by and made the repair. He did tell me to be sure the baseboards got hot, to ensure they didn't freeze...that set in some panic as I was writing the $150 check to pay for services rendered.

As of this writing, it's back up to 65 degrees and all is fine!

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