Monday, January 19, 2015

Fill In the Blank Friday...Monday Edition

I've used this meme before, but it's been a's a good exercise, so here goes:
  1. I wish... that delicious food wasn't so detrimental to human health.. And why is is that I could eat a slice of pecan pie in under two minutes and yet it would take a solid week of workouts to burn it off? I wish that weren't true!
  2. Yesterday... I performed a miracle on my friend's computer. Her and her husband had already called HP, who insisted they needed a new hard drive - and for a cost of about $250. I was able to revive it and get it to boot.
  3. Today... I had a great time with my daughter visiting a quirky and unique sandwich shop. It was an interesting study in the power of language and communication as well - for example, I could say, "My daughter and I had some great quality time together as we drove an hour each way to visit this really unique sandwich shop that also has a great collection of music memorabilia and a super interesting owner." Or, I could say, I drove two hours for a sandwich." Both of these sentences are accurate...interesting, eh?
  4. Tomorrow... is the first day of the spring 2015 semester, I wonder what kinds of madness it will bring.
  5. Maybe... I will fulfill the promise I made to myself to get a dumpster and clean out this place for real this year.
  6. Someday... I hope to find the balance.
  7. I love... the people who get me. My real friends who let me be me, even when I am a ass sometimes and say stupid shit without really putting all the thought into expressing what I really mean. I also love that they call me on that shit and put me in my place but do so because they care. I also love firepits, a nice glass of wine, unexpected joyful moments...
I had to keep my last answer for number 8, it's just too darn good!

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