Friday, January 23, 2015

Gonna Be a Busy Night

Going to see my daughter's first big gig tonight with her band "Gun in the Ballroom". Funny, I knew she was hanging with this band and they were practicing for a while but I thought it was just kind of an after school excuse to hang out...then somehow they got a gig!

Fortunately, the gig is early enough so that I can still go to the Garth Brooks concert. I had the Garth tix before my kids mentioned the gig. The Garth show is unique in that it starts at 10:30 pm in a major arena; the second of two shows in one night.

I am already tired and I haven't evens tarted yet, here's to the hope for adrenaline when necessary :)

NOTE: By the time this post goes live, my kid's show will be over and I will be en route to The TD Garden...updates tomorrow.

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