Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Got My 14 cents Back

Checked my credit card statement online today for a different reason, but noticed that I did get back the 14 cents that I was overcharged the other night...disputes work quick! Also, now the establishment who took it upon themselves to round up knows that someone is watching.

I was so busy yesterday, that I didn't get to post a Happy Birthday wish to my pal Johnny D! I did call but had to leave a voice if you are reading this, whether or not you know him, please give a big HAPPY Five- OH! to JD.

I'm in a bit of a health rut. Not to imply I am sick, but I am just not taking care of things the way I was and I am starting to feel it. I need to kick start at some point, and sooner, rather than later. Perhaps I should get off the dam computer and defer this post until I've done a little treadmill time. I also need to get out of holiday shove the food in my face hole mode. I know, crude, ugly, sorry!

Time to share a couple of great tunes playing in my brain, cause they are great:

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