Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a Crock...Pot

I bout my Crock Pot (or if you prefer, slow cooker) a while back. When I first bought it, it was really just a vessel I needed to bring a pot luck dish and keep it warm. I vowed then to explore using it more...that was years ago.

I recently broke it out and used it for one of my thanksgiving dishes. Again, I swore I'd finally get into using it, a claim I've made a number of times in the past few years.

I've used it a total of twice.

Even my daughter said to me the other day, "hey dad, you should do more with the slow cooker."

How many of you out there are crock pot afficionados? How many of you out there have sourced some great recipes designed for the slow cooker? How many of you know some exceptional web sites with slow cooker recipe?

Share your thoughts, ideas and resources...please! I gotta make this happen.

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