Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moving Past this Storm

When all was said and done, my estimate for my town got between 24" and 30" of snow; I base this on how much snow I moved and the height of my snow blower, I manually carved the path to my front door as my snow blower was not going to go uphill through over 3 feet of snow (that area had lots of drifts). The path I did manually was some workout, a good 20 feet in length through 3 feet of snow then the stair case to the front door.

Not complaining here - just elaborating on the work load - it was a prolific storm after all. According to the news yesterday, it was the 8th snowiest storm ever recorded in MA.

I has some friends in NY that actually complained that they didn't get lots of snow because the Governor and other officials declared it a state of emergency and prepared for such.Can you imagine? Complaining over that?

Back to work in the morning.

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