Monday, January 26, 2015

Pics from the Garth Show

These are not Annie Liebovitz shots here, they were taken with my cell phone from the loge, decent seats but still, limited lens capabilities.

 This was was right as they let us into the arena...the "g" kept spinning and there were some messages from garth being played.

 The crazy roundish thing had the drummer inside. Nothing like a getting pointed to by the performer :)

 It's like he's playing for our section..haha

Boston's finest on hand to keep us safe

The next two were during the duet "In Another's Eyes"

 Trisha gets to do a short set:

This is Karyn Rochelle, one of the writers of the Trisha Yearwood Song "Georgia Rain" - they let her have a brief moment in the spotlight (she was one of the backup singers all night)

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