Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pizza Soap

After a FB friend mentioned how after eating pizza, her hands continue to smell like pizza despite washing them. I posted the following:

How many of you out there would be interested in pizza soap if it existed? You wash yourself with it and smell like delicious pizza all day!

Aside from the numerous "likes", here's the wacky conversation thread that ensued (names removed):
as long as It comes with beer deodorant.
Yes, but what u fail to explain is.......does it smell like hot fresh pizza or pizza that's been sitting around for hrs. Big diff dude
Yeah why not? Better that than limburger cheese deodorant
That's just my point, that's exactly what old pizza smells like
Rotten ass cheese
I like a brisk yeasty smell.
That would be nauseating. How about some bacon soap? Lol
I am going to go upstairs and cuddle with my Irish Spring.
See now bacon soap I can get on board with!
I luv Irish Spring!!!! Yum
Yuck. Hahaha
ya..and look out for the incoming dog snouts in your critch.
Are you high?
Not if u run fast enough....
Reason why I love FB #436: Post something like this and you still get a whole conversation going. I LOVE IT! MY FB family rocks!
no..dogs like bacon.
I know, isn't it fun?! We just go lolligaging off in so many different directions
The dogs will think it's snausages
I can jump like spidy man. They'd never catch me
Says the woman who's dog triggered an unfortunate series of events that involved muffins
Look everyone, my cuzz-in-law found this:
pizza scented soap on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.
pizza scented soap
The cheese pizza soap will possibly give you a "gnat fruit fly" shower fresh feeling....
LOL!!!!! I didn't see the dog comin at my.......BACK!!!! sneak friggin attack man!!!
mmmmmm.....smelling delicious pizza soap
U people r weird.....
As long as the pizza soap has no anchovies!
If you made it this far, you might suggest that removing the names makes the thread harder to follow and harder to make sense of. Then, you realize the original topic and say, what the heck does it really matter anyway?

In the end, I hope you laughed.

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