Thursday, January 15, 2015

The White Elephant in the Room

From an email I received from a colleague:

"I think it would be fun if we did a “White Elephant” gift exchange. For a “White Elephant” (cribbed this from Wikipedia): each participant supplies one wrapped gift. The gifts are placed in a central location, and participants determine in what order they will take turns selecting them. The first person opens a wrapped gift and the turn ends. On subsequent turns, each person can open a new present or gets the choice to "steal" another person's unwrapped gift. When a person's gift is stolen, that person chooses another wrapped gift to open. When the last person has taken their turn, the first person to open a gift gets their choice of all gifts then the game is over. Gifts are typically inexpensive, humorous items. The term white elephant refers to a gift whose maintenance costs exceed its usefulness.
Let’s re-gift our “gems” from the holidays (or see what remains on the 90% off gift sales after the holidays). I’ll give a prize to the person who *gives* the gift voted the Best “Worst” Gift. (You can’t vote for your own to win the prize.)"

I've thought about this for quite some time. My decision was final yesterday as to what I would throw into the mix as my white elephant - a two part gift, that I think has a good chance of being best worst.

I want so badly to divulge what it is but just in the slim chance that someone that will be there reads this blog, I'll post it after the party, which is Friday evening.

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