Friday, January 16, 2015

The White Elephants and a Shot of Water

This is a picture of all of the "crappy" gifts that were acquired at the white elephant swap this evening. My contribution to the mix, for which I earned 2nd place in the best worst gift award, was a VHS copy of the movie Titanic along with a VHS VCR (you can see them in the bottom right of the picture).

The item that I picked was the Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post calendar. I opted to "steal away" an elephant paperweight (not easily visible in this shot). My daughter happens to like elephants, so I figured I would go for it. Of course, the woman who I swapped it from was pick #1 and got last pick, and she swapped it back.

Someone else had gotten a really cool crappy gift. Cool in that it was something my kid would love even more - Canned Bread, from Japan. In fact, the woman who brought it, just got back from Japan yesterday and brought it back with her for this purpose of this swap. I know, you are all getting hung up on the idea of canned bread - unless of course you are Spongebob Squarepants fans and know of Squidward's love for this product.

It was fun getting together, there were twelve of us, just laughing and having some fun!

As we were winding down, after we had paid our check, a server comes over holding a beer and a shot and puts it in front of me; I was perplexed because I hadn't ordered them - like I mentioned, we had already cashed out. Server leans over and said these are complements of the family over there, and points to a table with some folks I know. I went over the say thanks and say hello, where I was informed that the shot was just water, for joke purposes. Then of course, they were interested in the fact that I was with 11 ladies :).

It was fun, I was the only guy because the other guys that were invited didn't show up!

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