Tuesday, January 27, 2015

White Out

There's an awful lot of snow out there if you are anywhere near me (and quite a few other places too). I went out for round one of move the snow at 5:45 am; I am not sure how my neighbors feel about me running my snow blower at that time but it had to be done.

I am feeling fortunate that my snow blower still manages to get me through these storms, she has been showing signs of age and wear the last couple of seasons but in the end, she has performed well enough to get me through.

IT is quite cold and windy, and sometimes the adrenaline that kicks in as I get to a certain point in moving all that snow takes over and I forget to consider taking a break. Fortunately, I am constantly running that through my head and force myself to do so - usually at just the right time.

I think I ma going to chill out for a bit, maybe take a warm rinse in the shower and watch a movie - round two is forthcoming.

See ya later.

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