Tuesday, February 10, 2015


That's how much the plow guy charged me to plow my driveway. I had no bargaining or negotiating chips, my snow blower had died, I have been nursing some injuries incurred by manually shoveling the driveway and falling several times on the ice...I had no choice but to pay up.

I did get the chance to touch base with my small engine repair guy (whom I sometimes refer to as my snow blower repair guy) and he picked up my machine today...hopefully he will be able to get it running again; if not, then it'll be time to pony up for a new snow blower.

I'm glad that my roof is pitched. I have never had an issue with ice dams causing any damage or leaking back into the house, but I must confess that after more than 5 feet of snow in the last 17 days and more coming, I am at least a tad nervous - but hoping for the best.

What was a mild winter had turned into a challenging one for sure, but that's just the way it goes here in New England. I am a bit worn down and tired, but I am still very grateful for what I have.

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