Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Update on The Wiper Fluid Situation

It wasn't until around noon, or somewhere around there, that I ventured out into the garage to see what the deal was. I noticed that some residual oil had floated to the top of the reservoir, so I siphoned out everything. I then filled the reservoir with warm water. I had to run out for groceries, so i did than and on my way back figured I'd give it a whirl...lo and behold, the liquid began shooting out as if all was fine.

On the ride home, I kept spraying with the intent of getting close to the bottom of the reservoir. When I got home, I couldn't see any residual oil, certainly not in any large enough quantity. I siphoned out the small amount of remaining water and refilled with the blue stuff.

Hopefully, all is going to be fine from here on out.

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