Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cheap Date

Just finished up with a crazy fun song writing session. The topic going in was "Cheap Date". After last week's session, our fearless leader posted the topic for the next session (tonight) and the name of it (Cheap Date) along with the funny graphic, inspired me immediately and I wrote a few things right away so I wouldn't forget them.

One of the other writers in the group contributed from a really sweet perspective, coupled with the music, the direction seemed clear...then I hit up with my lyrics, which were funny, but kind of smutty...then the whole complexion of the song got turned around.

Yes, it's kinds of smutty, but in a funny way....Barry will record it this week and I will post a link here so you can hear it.

You know what....smutty is a bad choice of words, it's not is very adult oriented..a perhaps dirty-ish...but not really smutty,

So much fun!

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