Monday, February 02, 2015

Enought with Deflate-Gate Already!

After seeing the cover of the shit rag N.Y. Post and hearing people, some of which I otherwise respect, continuing with the thought that the New England Patriots cheated...I have to speak up.
If you genuinely believe that the Patriots cheated, that is, with intent, alter something about the game to gain an advantage, then I have to believe that you have no idea bout the game of football, about sports in general, or about basic sportsmanship.
You can hate the Pats, that's fine. You can think there might be some chance that there was some shady business - because there is always some possibility of something being true unless we have 100% undeniable evidence otherwise....but you can not, I repeat, you can not just outwardly say that the Patriots cheated.
If you wish to learn a little something about good sportsmanship and honor, take a minute to watch the interviews after the super would be hard pressed to find a single member of the Pats organization that didn't give credit to their teammates.
If you've paid attention to the NFL the last few seasons in particular, you know that the officiating has been very poor, several game results have been altered significantly, even decided, by poor calls by the officials - it's simply become part of the game.
If in fact there were under inflated balls used in the game in question, it is the officials who should have caught this. An official has their hands on every ball before and after every single play and not once did an official question the air pressure in any of the balls.
If indeed on of the opposing players noticed that the air pressure was off, why did they not alert an official during the game?
It's all just hogwash folks. Hate the New England franchise if you wish, that is your prerogative. To blatantly call them cheaters at this point is wrong and disrespectful to the sport of football, to the families of the players and other members of the organization and to cut it out, please. Move on....pitchers and catchers report in less than a month,
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