Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy, and Pharrell had Nothing to Do with it

One of my dearest friends saw a goal realized today when she got news of passing the NCLEX. I never once doubted her ability to accomplish this goal or overcome any of the obstacles en route because I've never known a stronger person.

Working in a school where Nursing is one of the primary programs, I see nursing students all day long and I have a pretty strong understanding of the challenges they face just from the perspective of education; add to that and and all of the complexities of life and it's a ride that is filled with pain, suffering, anxiety, emotion, trauma, joy, and any other dramatic adjective you can come up with.

I've seen people bow out, I've seen people hang in there so tight and then there are those who are persistent. Not everyone has what it takes to get through such a program, but I never doubted, not for a second that my friend would succeed - and I don't doubt that she's going to make as good a nurse as anyone has ever been.

So proud and happy for her!!!

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