Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In the News Today

NBC suspends Brian Williams for 6 months without pay - personally, I feel too much is being made of this. Yes, he told a lie - big deal, everyone reading this has told a lie at some point. He didn't commit a crime....an apology should suffice.

Jon Stewart to leave The Daily Show - For fans of Stewart and the show, it's a shock but they guy is definitely going out on top. I say it's a bold and courageous move - he could have chosen to stay indefinitely and just cash in. Here's to whatever is next.

The whole Bobbi Kristina Brown thing - tragic, for certain...but I am having a hard time giving a crap about this. Yes, she was born into dysfunction...but she's an adult and she's made enough bad choices on her own. I only hope that others can learn from this tragedy.

Samsung - apparently they had some very fine print that made it okay (in their eyes) for their smart televisions to listen in to their surroundings...WTF?

Heinz debuts new Sriracha flavored ketchup - the thing about this is that somehow, this actually made the national news.

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