Saturday, February 07, 2015

Low and Slow

I may have already talked about how my daughter wants me to use the slow cooker more. I may have already mentioned that I plan to do so this year. I may have even said something about how I've gathered up a few recipes. Hopefully, I'll actually make a real effort to make one of these happen.

I must confess, that while I am not complaining so much about the snow, the fact that my snow blower has gone out of commission has made dealing with the snow of late physically demanding; so much so that I have very little motivation to do anything at all.

that said, I have been fumbling through some recipes over the past half hour and as long as weather permits, which doesn't look so good right now, my kid and I will have a slow cooker meal for dinner tomorrow.

Now that I put it in writing, the pressure is on :)

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