Thursday, February 12, 2015

Seventeen Years (and a few days)

NOTE: I actually wrote this on 2/12/15 but forgot to hit the publish button!

On Feb 5th of this year, in fact, a week ago today, I celebrated my 17th anniversary working at my job - that is a pretty good run!

I've seen a lot of faces come and go in that amount of time. It's been an interesting ride.

The job I had before this one was the longest I had been at a job before this one and I've been at this one more than twice as long!

the perspective of being in Higher Education and a state run organization alone has made for witnessing the various changes over time interesting - add to that being in technology and in particular, the implementation of technology in education and elearning, just a brief look back is sometimes overwhelming.

Of all the things, good, bad and in between that I have been through in my time at Massbay - the death of my friend Wayne in July of 2013 was by far the most shocking and devastating.

All in all, it's been a good ride, I've learned a great deal and at least sometimes, feel like I have made a positive difference and doing more than just a job.

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