Monday, February 16, 2015

SNL40: Kind of a Bust

Last night, there was a massive three and a half hour 40th anniversary SNL show on in prime time, preceded by a one hour "red carpet" show. I have to say, I was disappointed with the overall package!

There were some good moments for sure, standouts for me were "celebrity jeopardy" and the music tribute that Martin Short with Maya Rudolph as Beyonce fronted. Of particular comedy gold in that segment was how Short made it appear that the fans that blew "Beyonce's" hair were so pwerful that he himself could not withstand their force (while Beyonce was just standing there being fabulously Beyonce). I also really liked the digital short piece that Andy Samberg did  with Adam Sandler.

There were some other moments that were good: Dan Akroyd's Bass-o-Matic was fun. Weekend update with Tina fey, Amy Poehler and Jane Curtain was okay (should have been way better)...

The Californians was decent, the Betty White portion saved if as overall, it ran too long. As one long sketch, it does not work as well as something that recurs throughout the show in smaller chunks., I know logistically for this show, that may not have been possible but in that case, edit effectively or drop it.

Chris Rock kissing Eddie Murphy's ass (as if he was eulogizing him) then Murphy coming out and doing absolutely nothing was a big disappointment. Chevy's appearance was a waste of time, he did nothing.

While I thought Miley Cyrus singing 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover would suck way more than it did, there was no point in it being there, it just did not fit in the context of the show - nor did Kanye performing, or evein being there. While I hate Kanye immeasurably, beyond that bias, he served no purpose on that show.

There was just so much mediocrity and filler...I suspect I could edit the three and a half hours into maybe ninety minutes worth watching; maybe ninety minutes,

All in all, for me, a disappointment. How about you?

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