Monday, February 09, 2015

The Flock of A**Holes

It's actually the name of a band, an 80's cover band; clever name if you ask me. If you want to go check out there Facebook page, click here. I went to see them the night before the Marshall Crenshaw show, any yes, I'm just getting around to writing about it now.

The crowd was robust and lively, the music was nostalgic and the band was there to perform and perform they did- a great combination of shtick and music and some great interplay with the crowd.

I met up with my buddy Ameesh, who brought along his buddy Joe. We were standing around for the entire first set then scored a table before the start of the second set.

At the table in front of us was a large group, which included four sisters. They were lit up at various levels, but were harmless and hysterical. One of them had a husband there who seemed to just laugh hysterically at them the whole time.

One of the sisters, Chris was her name (hard for me to not recall that one), was a real pip, i suspect by her being the most lit up. I think it's even more odd/interesting/whatever to observe since I basically refuse to get lit up any more. I'll occasionally have one or sometimes two drinks, then it's water with lemon if it's not soda water with lime.

Chris made her way over to our table and went into interview mode. "What's your name and what do you do for a living?" she asked each of us. then, she attempted to predict our ages, she came within a year for each of us...then she ran off and danced with her sisters before returning to utter some incoherent stuff and then insisting on taking selfies with each of us.

After taking the selfies, she went off and danced and her sisters kept coming over to us and apologizing for her. There was a point later where all of them where together, dancing with each other, just next to us. I had a funny idea, I took one of the salt shakers off of the table and carefully placed it in Chris' pocket. the silver end was sticking out, which made it funny for us...Joe and Ameesh were laughing their ass off! I though it might be both hysterical and a bit of a wake up call when she sobered up and found a salt shaker in her pocket not having any clue how it got there.

Its not the best picture in the world but if you look carefully, you can see the head of the salt shaker sticking out of the pocket. I know, it is a bit juvenile, but harmless and quite funny!

back to the band, I love the humor in the name of the band, I love the nostalgia of the music they play and they are super fun to see. The drummer is also in a 90's cover band called "How Bizarre". I saw "How Bizarre" a month or so before, I think I wrote about them here but if not, they too were quite great.

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