Monday, February 09, 2015

The Pathetic 2015 Grammy Awards Show

This is just how I saw the Grammy's. through my eyes and my feelings in the moment. I refused to watch them live, because I knew in advance that the show would suck overall so I watched the following day with the benefit of DVR technology.

LL...lose the hat.

AC/DC - interesting to see a band that the Grammy's would probably never give an award to, perform on their stage, they were amazing...I guess the rumor about Chris Slade was true...good to see him.

LL introducing Taylor Swift as T-Swizzle, digging it (btw, I love TS).

Best New Artist - Sam Smith...not a fan. Brandy Clark  should have won. Haim or Bastille would have been good choices.

Ariana Grande performance - she's too much of a shit stain/diva with way too little (if any) talent for me to forward.

Tom Jones/Jesse J - love the music of Mann/Weil, well deserved recognition and a great tribute. Interesting outfits.

Best Pop Solo performance - Pharell Williams/Happy  I could live with this considering the field. I think The John Legend song is better but very glad that Sam Smith and Sia didn't win it. Happy is a super catchy tune, just got a bit over exposed.

Miranda Lambert performance - I've seen her perform since nobody knew her name. Now, everybody knows her name and that's how it should be...she's great and she crushed it on the show.

Lifetime Achievement - Bee Gees  Love them, well deserves. Barry, you can afford better teeth than that.

Best Pop Vocal Album - Sam Smith/in the Lonely Hour...Boo! Ed Sheeran deserved it more in my opinion. Katy Perry or even Coldplay would have been acceptable...the others...ugh.

Kanye performance - unless it's his funeral, I refuse to watch him on TV...he's a disgrace to life and to forward.

Madonna performance - why were people raving about this shitty performance? First off, once again, she lip synced, then she danced poorly with a bunch of Viking morons. Shit, shit, shit! I used to respect her, not anymore, not even a little.

Best Rock Album - Beck/Morning Phase  What? Petty's album was miles better than all the others...I could live with U2 but only because none of the others deserve to share the same stage with either Petty or U2. I can't really complain about Beck winning since I didn't hear the's hit or miss with him for me and I like some of his stuff, but I really hate some of it too.

Lifetime Achievement - George Harrison...duh!

Best R&B Performance - Beyoncé/Drunk in Love I hate Jay Z but think Beyoncé has some talent. I also think what they are trying to pass of as R&B today is not anything close to what R&B was when that category was originally defined.

Ed Sheeran performance - I dig this cat. Solid performance, tasteful guest spots. In fact, the performance was quite outstanding.

(Jeff Lynne's) ELO performance - Sir Paul standing up and singing along speaks they can let shit stains like Kanye perform on the same stage is disturbing and it still sickens me to think Sir Paul will perform with Kanye. I really like Ed Sheeran and I think he was perfectly fine, but since an ELO performance is so rare and special, I wish it was just them alone. I've been binge listening to ELO lately working through their catalog.

Adam Levine/Gwen Stefani performance - I like both performers but this was a bad production choice to place them right after the ELO performance. While I thought this spot was okay, it was anticlimactic and just okay...maybe even a bit less than okay considering what I know either or both of them are capable of...yeah, actually not okay, no reason to settle, they should have brought it but they didn't.

Hozier performance - I like this song, I love Annie Lennox, I'm torn a bit on the overall performance. I can say it was terribly shot, really poor camera work during the Hozier portion. When Lennox began sing "I Put a Spell On You", I completely forgot Hozier was there...she took over the stage and while it was entertaining, fantastic even, the idea was to showcase the new artist Hozier (wasn't it?)...she sounded fantastic, but it was a buzzkill for Hozier..she owned that stage.

Best Country Album - Miranda Lambert/Platinum Well deserved...all the albums in this category were strong.

Pharell performance - a note to that has been called Madonna, want to do something epic and memorable, check out this performance...though you are likely too arrogant to have stuck around...this is how to make a production number entertaining.

Domestic Violence thing...I support any and all awareness campaigns for this but I think it is misplaced in this show. I understand it was meant as a lead in to the Katy Perry performance but in this venue, it should only have been about the song.

Katy Perry performance - moving/powerful; proves my previous statement.

Imagine Dragons performance - I'm a fan...great remote performance.

Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga performance - perfect!

Trustees Award - George Wein  I have no comment, I don't know who he is. It did give me pause to think about how terrible a job LL Cool J is doing as host...I really do love LL, I am a fan, but he's a bore on this show...and the damn hat has got to go.

Usher performance - classy and beautiful...really great. Love that Stevie came out right when he did.

Lifetime achievements and such...they moved by too fast but the one that caught my eye was Buddy Guy, an amazing blues player.

Eric Church performance - intense...further proof of how music alone can send a message.

Brandy Clark (w/Dwight Yoakam) - superb!

McCartney and others performance - had to lose just a little respect for Sir Paul for standing beside that lowlife shit stain forward.

Sam Smith (w/Mary J. Blige) - fast forward...I have no interest...hate her and while I think he has a good voice, I just don't care for him.

Juanes (?) performance - fast interest.

Album of the Year - Beck/Morning Phase...I'm not a huge fan, he's had some okay moments and put out some shit. I didn't listen to this record cause I hated his last one, so I don't know it it was worthy of such an general, the category was weak. I've like some of his stuff, and some not. I will need to at least listen to his record at some point I think.

Sia performance - If she's not willing to show her face, she can go screw herself, I refuse to watch. I just don't give a shit about her at all! Fast forward.

Producer of the Year, Non-Clasical - Max Martin  No mention of who he is or what he produced...why bother mentioning his win then? Poor show production!

Song of the Year - Sam Smith/Stay With Me  with the exception of Sia, any of the other nominees deserved it way more and I even think Sia deserved it a little more, for the song alone...but a least Sam Smith shows his face when he performs. Of the songs nominated, I would have given it to Swift, easily the most catchy of all of them.

Beck (w/Chris Martin) performance - resisted my urge to fast forward, glad I did...nice song, I liked the song and the performance. More motivation to give a listen to Beck's record.

Jamie Foxx makes me sick!

Record of the Year - Sam Smith/Stay With Me  Puh-lease! Gag!

Necrology...unfortunately, Kanye wasn't on it

Beyoncé performance - stunning. Hey has-been Madonna, note how she actually sang her song, and did so amazingly?

John Legend and some rap dick face...loved it at the start, Legend is amazing, the minute the obligatory rap dick came out, I fast forward through the shit shack.

The End...thank god...shitty show overall, but I predicted that.

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