Thursday, February 05, 2015

They Aren't All Going to Be Peachy

For a while now, my washing machine has been acting somewhat strange. During high speed spin cycles, it can be quite loud and the entire machine will tend to take a bit of a walk - sometimes drifting close to a foot away from the wall.

I did some research on possible causes and thought, perhaps I should call in a professional. I found an "authorized LG repair" shop and they sent over a technician this morning. Turns out that none of the components that are usually the cause of such behavior really need replacing and the technician suggested that at 9 years old, there was no good reason for me to invest any money into this machine; of course he charged me $75.00 to tell me that.

I was a little bummed, as a kid, our washer and dryer lasted forever and it got beat up way more than mind does. I know that they just don't make things like they used to but it's bothers me when the reality hits. The technician has a few ideas that may help, and he said if I am at least somewhat cautious with the size of the loads and the spin speeds, I should be able to ride out another couple of years...maybe.

The snow was so harsh this morning that by the time he left, I needed to move snow before leaving for work. Of course, my snow blower is not working right at the moment, so I had to do the whole thing by hand...on top of recent snow activity, this boy is sore :)

Then I learn that my friend's 17 year old son was hospitalized.

It all hit me at one, made me really need a hug....thankfully, I got many of them!

Still sore, but hanging with my kid today and laughing with friends...along with many nice hugs.

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