Monday, March 09, 2015

Chauffeur Duty

This past weekend was the PAX East conference, which my daughter attended for the second year. Saturday, her mom did the driving, Sunday was my turn. It didn't start out so bad, I picked up my kid and her friends at her mom's house (same town as me) and made a stop to pick up a friend's son, in the same direction.

After dropping them all off at the convention center, I decided that I would enjoy the nice weather and hang out in Boston for a while (I live in the suburbs about 20 miles or so away). My first stop was based on a constant recommendation by my friend Ameesh; reggae brunch at a place called "West End Johnnies". This place in on Portland street, just up the street from the Boston Garden. As I drove into the area, it became obvious that there was a hockey game that day at the garden but despite that, I somehow found a street parking spot only a few block away; this is sometimes referred to as "gold". I got to the place, walked around a bit to scope the joint, then noticed a spot at the bar opened up, perfect...when I spoke with Ameesh, he told me "the God's must have been with you to get a bar seat on a Sunday."

The food was great, the reggae band was very entertaining, and the crowd was pretty cool for the most part (there was way too much drinking going on though considering it was just after 11 am). I stuck around for one set, in hindsight, I should have stayed for more.

Leaving West End Johnnies, I decided to make my way over to the Back Bay, the weather was nice enough for a stroll. I drove over to Newbury Street and actually found a spot right on Newbury, right off Mass. Ave. (this, most would say, was another "God's must have been with me" moment).

I took the walk down Newbury all the way to Arlington Street making a few stops along the way before walking up the block and taking Boylston street back up to Mass. Ave. with a few stops and picture stops along the way (pics to follow in next post). By the time I got back up to Mass. Ave., I decided I wanted to sit for a bit and found myself in J.P. Licks, where I enjoyed a nice sugar free froyo.

By the time I got through the froyo, I looked at the time and realized that I really wouldn't be practical to go back to the burbs considering the fact that I would have to pick up the kids just two hours later. I did a little more walking, stopped in an overpriced Japanese market, then relinquished my gem of a parking spot to head back to South Boston to wait for the kids.

This is where the day was about to get really interesting....after I gathered all the kids, I first drove my friend's kid back home to Millis, then one of my kid's friends back to Easton, which is about 20 miles from Millis in the opposite direction from my house. from Easton, it was a quick stop at my kid's mom's house so she could get her back pack, then to drop her last friend off in the same town, then to my house.

Once home, about 9:30, daughter had to do homework and I rustled up something for her to eat. Both of us were pooped!

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