Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Go to Bed

As I write this, I just finished a 2+ hour conversation with my brother, had to give him a call on his birthday and we don't talk all that often-so there was a lot to catch up on.

I am not as tired as I should be because I came home early from work today as I was feeling sick. i took a nap for a little over 2 hours; I just noticed there's a 2 hour theme going on. Anyway, the nap is at least partly responsible for me being up near midnight.
I will be posting some of the crock pot recipes I've made over the last few weeks; I know people love recipes and having access to them...I do, so I always try to share.
I miss not having a home for my podcast, even though I hadn't been doing many new episodes, it was nice having them hosted but aside from the fees I was paying, the host site lost some files and were kind of assholes about it.
The Canadians are celebrating the life of the late Leonard Nimoy by "Spocking" heir $5 notes...take a look:

That's it for now.

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