Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Know I've Been Crabby

At work, there is so much ridiculous ass-kissing going on and it's totally inappropriate...thankfully, the shenanigans end after tomorrow.

I have a student that failed my course last semester because, well, student is an arrogant, self-important, asshat. Student didn't like me, I am cool with that...but student didn't follow the rules and though they didn't apply.

Here's the crazy thing, same student decided to take my course again this semester...and picked up right where left of with the asshattiness.

Then there's the legislators that wanna make it law that business can choose to not serve someone based on their sexual preference. yes, it's slightly more complicated than that but only in a way that makes it even more ridiculous and inhuman.

Finally, I have had it up to here with the robo-calls and solicitations - it has to end!

Done complaining.

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