Monday, March 23, 2015

Mid Semester Startup

Today is the first day of class for the mid-semester, 8 week accelerated class I am teaching. It baffles me when people sign up for an online class and don't bother to log in on the first day...makes zero sense!

Last week was spring break on campus, it was nice to be rid of the students for a week but it was also good having them back today; well, most of them anyway.

Today was the return of "Bow Tie Monday", which isn't really a thing but it was the second time ever I have rocked a bow tie and both times were on a Monday.

Again, lots of positive reactions, almost all of it. My friend Laja doesn't like it, she actually said, "I don't like that bow tie." My response, "I don't care, I didn't wear it for your approval."

Then Gia downstairs, interrupted the conversation we were having to say, "why are you wearing that bow tie?" It was at that very moment I realized that in fact, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

I really don't give a crap about who doesn't like it, I like it and that ultimately is all that matters. It's totally okay with me if someone doesn't like it, but to be rude about it is unacceptable; especially when it's friends that are being so rude.

Finally, I don't recall if I have mentioned here that I finally began to watch "Parks & Recreation". I am 10 episodes in to season 2 so far and enjoying it.


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