Friday, March 27, 2015

The Comeback Kid

I have this black, collarless shirt I wear on occasion. Usually, I keep the top button undone but today, I wigged out and forgot to wear a v-neck undershirt - so in order to not have my crew neck shirt revealed, a fashion faux-pas, I have the button closed.

Almost every time I wear this shirt, one of my colleagues, always makes a silly wise crack inferring that it makes me look like a priest. I was barely funny the first three hundred times, marginally annoying the next thousand times, and now is just stupid....but she always says the same stupid jokes.

Today, she said "what time is confession, I wanna do confession." My quick and sharp response, "Who's got that kind of time?"


I win! Plus, one should never make a remark about another's wardrobe until they've looked deep into their own.

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