Friday, March 13, 2015

Trinity Knot and the Colombian Zipper Nipple

I had seen this tie know in pictures and always thought it was super cool (you can see a larger version of the picture by clicking on it) but had never really thought to attempt it until this morning.

With about 10 more minutes than usual, I grabbed the tablet and poked "trinity tie knot" into a YouTube search and followed along to the video, stopping it a few times along the way, and on the first go, there it was.

I think it is a super cool knot, it is pretty complex, I can't remember it at this point from memory but I can always refer to YouTube again!

I must say, it did get quite a few stares that led to complements at work.

Now, you must be asking yourself, what the hell is this "Colombian Zipper Nipple" you speak of Chris? Well, weekday mornings, one of the morning shows here does a bit can the "7:15 Senseless Survey" where they prank call someone kind of tricking them into thinking it the Census and after what appears to be one seemingly legitimate question, they quickly get ridiculous and see how many questions they can keep the person on the line for. Sometimes, "Kevin" will start asking things like, "have you ever been on the receiving end of a Mississipi Mud Flap" (that was more of a "for example" rather than an actual sample). As I was typing the name of this post, it just came to me that "Colombian Zipper Nipple" would be funny in that context, so I threw it up there because I just thought it sounded funny.

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