Tuesday, March 03, 2015

You Ever Make One of Those Really Bad Calls?

You know how you make a few simple rules for yourself, based on past experiences? Then for some ridiculously stupid reason you completely forget about them?

I guess only completely wasting three months is considered not so bad, some waste far more time than that!
Some lady posted advice today on a town bulletin board about shoveling out your gas meter if it is under snow because some of the snow that got to it (falling snow and ice) could potentially have caused a gas leak. I replied to this that her post was a bit irresponsible as it did not address the possibility of causing that type of damage or worse by attempting to shovel it out and/or crack ice around it. In fact, she actually removed my reply...what a dumbass!
Been doing crock pot meals on Sundays the past few weeks. Today when I picked up my kid, she said she was a little disappointed to no find leftovers in her lunchbox Monday...I raised her right :)
Oh, talking loudly and with a tone of authority does not mean you know what the fuck you are talking about. Spread the word!

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