Monday, April 20, 2015

A Little Bit of Progress

I spent a few hours on the phone with Cuzzup last night. It's a tough time as she lost her dad, my uncle Frank and I know first hand what losing a parent feels like - I wish I could be there in person for her, even though I know that nothing I do or say will take away that pain she is feeling right now.

I sort of slept in today - usually it's a 5:30 alarm but I had off for the Patriot's day holiday, so I didn't set the alarm. In fact, when I first woke, I went back under the covers for a little do over and got a tad more z's.

I had failed miserably yesterday in my plan to use Sunday and Monday to clean the house. I did get a little, and I mean a little start on things but this morning, I wanted to do something. I can't say I was overly aggressive about it but in the end, I did get the Laundry Room/Half-Bath and the Fireplace Room cleaned up pretty nice.

Since my kid is away this week, I'm thinking maybe if I can bang out a room or two each day it might be easier to get accomplished than doing a full scale, full house marathon.

I did also get some grading done and other chores, plus watched some television (the DVR isn't going to watch itself).

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