Thursday, April 09, 2015

Contributions to Songwriting

Here's the most recent three songs I had a hand in composing with my fun little songwriting group:

For the traffic song, most of the first verse are my words. I got the idea about the bumper stickers from real life. Actually, I first thought about those horrible stick figures that people have on mini-vans and was thinking about working them into a verse but I hate those stickers so much that I didn't want to bring them into the mix. Then, the bumper sticker idea came to me and I built the reading a book part around that.

I was prepared in advance to contribute to the Girl Scout Cookie Song, here's what I had prepared in advance of the session:

I need me some thin mints
and peanut butter patties
If I don't get some shortbreads
I'm sure gonna be crabby

It's time for Girl Scout cookies
(give me) some Caramel Delites
you can call them Samoas
just bring them to me tonight

I was particularly fond of making reference to both names of the cookie I always refer to as Samoas, but depending on when and where you get them, they are also called Caramel Delites.

I got so caught up in grading my students work that I lost track of time and showed up with around five minutes left in the session; I was happy to work in a line to fit some other lyrics already written.

This was one of my favorites, there was so much collaboration here, it was kind of magical.

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