Thursday, April 30, 2015

In My Ears 2015 Vol. 7

Here are the latest listens in my ear sockets:

Marshall Crenshaw - Life's too Short
If you aren't familiar with Crenshaw's work, please, go get some. His debut self-title record is one of the best pop albums ever recorded> Life's too Short is another great collection of great songs that will stand the test of time and always sound fresh and wonderful,

Visqueen - Message to Garcia
I first learned of Visqueen on a Seattle based podcast called TBTL. The great Rachel Flotard leads this now defunct band on what turned out to be their last but best record. This record is almost too good!

Ben Lee - Something to Remember Me By
Coincidentally, I learned of Ben Lee from the same podcast, TBTL, as they used one of his songs as their theme music (I believe they still do). Lee is a singer/songwriter with great depth, wonderful lyrics and an engaging delivery.

Winger - Better Days Comin'
I remembered Winger from the hair band era and when I saw this new record in the library bins, I felt like I needed to give it a listen. While there were a few brief moments that were okay, I can't really say this project had any legs to speak of, in fact, now that I wrote this, I may never speak of it again.

Bob Mould - District Line
every now and again I go back and listen to something with Bob Mould on it because I believe it is an essential part of music appreciation. The former singer of Husker Du and Sugar has a pretty extensive catalog of fantastic music and this was the selection I went back to for this visit with Mould.

Diane Coffee - My Friend Fish
Diane Coffee isn't a real person and in the end, for me, this wasn't a real album. While not all bad, it left me just not giving a crap and I just need way more than that from music.

Brad Paisley - Moonshine in the Trunk
Paisley is consistent, and like the records before, this one will tickle the same fancy. I can't say it's anything of a stretch from what you've heard from him before but that isn't always a bad thing and with Paisley, it's always entertaining - especially when he is playing guitar.

Leonard Cohen - Popular Problems
I am glad I really got into Leonard Cohen when I did, while my tastes have always been diverse, I am not sure I was ready for him until I was into my thirties. At 50, listening to the now 80 year old Cohen is fascinating. Leonard Cohen is a poet, his recordings are not always going to strike with everyone but if you can find that sweet spot, it's going to be really special. This record is absolutely stunning.

Counting Crows - Somewhere Under Wonderland
Adam Duritz and the band still churn out compelling music, check it out!

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