Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lumberjacking is Hard Work...

...sand what I just did was hardly lumberjacking...but I did use a chainsaw for the first time and did take down some whatever you might call that tweener between a bush and a trees.

Also, why the fuck did my body decide waking up at 6:00am was a good idea? It's freaking Saturday!

I shaved off my beard last night, there'll be pics later, maybe. You may recall that a couple of years ago I made a goofy video called "Deconstruction of a Van Dyke". Here's that video:

I used a different deconstruction path this time, I did take some pics along the way, so maybe it's time for a sequel video.

One thing I am going to do today is get a haircut, but first I need a good scrub in the shower, that lumberjacking had me work up a nice sweat.

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