Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meme: It's Not Unusual

In the case that you do not know this song, you are too young to be reading this blog! LOL! BTW, this is a great clip from the Ed Sullivan, great for so many reasons, all of which you will figure out when you watch it....go ahead, I will wait...

Saturday 9: It's Not Unusual (1965)

  1. In this song, Tom sings that "it's not unusual to go out at any time." Will you be "out and about" this weekend?
    Yes, in fact, I will be appearing in NYC to reunite with colleagues from my last job before I packed up and headed to the Bean Town area. It is not unusual however to find me out and about supporting local music on the weekend.
  2. Before his music career took off, Tom supported himself and his young family by working as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Could the room you're in right now benefit from a thorough cleaning with a vacuum?I am currently amidst project clean the damn house already. Once the snow began to fall this past winter, all 9 feet of it (oh God, I wish I was exaggerating), I didn't lift a finger in the was starting to make me feel horrible. However, I've made quite a dent over the last few days and continue to plug away. Heck, I am even considering paying someone to come in and clean on occasion!
  3. You can purchase a verified Tom Jones autograph on eBay for $299 (or the best offer). When you were growing up, did you collect signatures and sayings from your friends? (Autograph book? Yearbook? Cast?)
    We used to do this thing called a "Slam Book". I don't have total recall but I seem to remember that you would have a friend sign the first page, then on each page (which was folded in some sort of neat way), there would be some sort of question they would answer.
  4. At the height of his popularity, female fans would throw their panties onstage at Tom Jones. Sam can't imagine doing this, and not just because she's not that crazy about Tom Jones. She'd be embarrassed because her underwear drawer could use a serious refresh. If you could choose one new article of clothing to add to your wardrobe today, what would it be?
    Heaven's, I need a bit of an overhaul on the wardrobe. I mean, I have been rocking the bowtie quite well :) The work wardrobe is  not nearly as bad as the casual wardrobe, that needs a total reboot!
  5. "Tom Jones" is also the name of character in a famous 18th century novel. Tell us about a character from a book you wish you were friends with in real life.Mary Catherine, the Au pair in the Michael Bennett series of books by James Patterson. I say this only having read the first two of the currently eight books in the series - thus far, she's still someone I'd love to know.
  6. When this song was popular in March 1965, Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame was born. Do you share your birthday with anyone famous?"Egyptian film, TV and theater actress, Sherihan, whose career peaked in the 1980s and 90s"
  7. Also in 1965, when this song was a hit, Americans were riveted by the Gemini space program and children all over the country wanted to be astronauts. Think back to your childhood: When you were in first or second grade, what did you want to be when you grew up?A doctor, or as I expressed it, "a medical doctor." - That did not last long.
  8. Fifty years ago, the most popular headache reliever was aspirin, and you could buy a bottle of 200 tablets for just $1. Do you have any aspirin in your medicine chest right now?
    I do not currently have any aspirin, and just a few nights ago took the last of the Ibuprofen. I do have an ample supply of Acetaminophen.
  9. Random question: You've just entered a public restroom. Would you rather find a paper towel dispenser or hot air hand dryer?
    Hot air had dryer, only because it's not uncommon that the paper towels dispenser is empty and it's thus far never happened that the electricity wasn't working.

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