Sunday, April 12, 2015

Naked and Vulnerable

Yep, that is how I felt once the facial hair was removed and it's odd because I've grown facial hair before and I've shaved it off before, all simply because I am capable of doing so - there really aren't all that many real reasons to do such a thing.

Most of the time in the past when I've had facial hair, it was for, oh I would say at most 3 months or less. This time, I had the thing since last September, and I guess I grew more attached to it that I thought possible. the first think I saw when I saw the face beneath was the amount of weight I had gained since thanksgiving; it's not like I don't feel it every day but it was clear to me looking in that mirror (I feel like I made that sound as if I have fallen into morbid obesity - not the case, just about 15-20 pounds over my sweet spot).

As i mentioned yesterday, I was thinking about a sequel to the "Deconstruction of a Van Dyke" video and I took the liberty of putting that though into action - here's the video:

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