Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Outside the Club Cherry Bomb

Just back from seeing John Mellencamp in concert. Last time I saw him life was more than twenty years ago.


  • Carlene Carter opened the show - I had no idea there was an opening act at all and it turned out to be someone I knew and am a fan of.
  • Ended up with better seats than I bought.
  • Mellencamp was great - good mix of old stuff and new stuff.
  • Used Spot Hero to score a parking spot in advance for only $10
Things I Question:
  • Theater did a weird thing blocking off two sections of seats in the balcony - including the section that had the seats I bought.
  • The theater staff had no idea what they were doing and it was a bit chaotic getting everyone seated.
  • John Mellencamp did not do an encore.
He played for about an hour and fifty minutes, then left, then the lights came on. I felt a little cheated - if he had done two and a half hours or more, or did an hour and change and took in intermission then another hour and change...maybe...but no encore? Weird.

Overall -  glad I got the tix, glad I went.

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