Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Some Nerve

I received an email from a former colleague today that really demonstrated how much nerve some people can have. This colleague, a full-time professor when at my school, was just not a nice person; except of course when she needed something. Worse, that tune would change instantly if for some reason you were not able to give her what she needed right then and there - then you would see the pompous evil streak within her.

She's been gone a few years, I never really thought anything of her, one of those few that are so awful to work with and you are so glad to be rid of that gone is gone.

Today, out of the blue, I get an email from her asking me if I can help the college where she works now with an elaborate setup of software we use at our college - she even asked if I would contact their IT department and serve as a consultant, for free.

Basically, she is asking me to provide what in dollars would be the equivalent of probably a thousand bucks worth of free which I replied...not a chance.

I was quite stunned that she had the moxie to ask such a thing. I have a number of professional relationships with people at other colleges and we regularly ask each other questions and advice and freely share information - but we'd never in a million years ask each other for what she asked, and she has to know there is no love lost between her and anyone at the college.

Really odd!

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