Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Highway Gang

For the record, we were never known as "The Highway Gang", I just made it up as a clever post title. It was a retail store front called "Computer Software Plus" on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, NY. I bean working there in 1990-1991, at that time, I was working in the advertising business and in the middle of my master's degree program and I was not able to do the research I needed to do and keep the hours I was keeping and so I asked Ike, the owner of the store and one of my clients if he might offer me a job and a flexible schedule. Ike offered me a job and let me make my own hours in advance...I ended up staying for more than seven years.

The store has since closed its retail store front in favor of a service and mail order business but so many of us who worked in that store are still in touch. In fact, there was something so special about that place, that many of us even stayed in touch with some of our customers.

After a few months of planning, yesterday a group f about 19 of us got together for lunch, laughs, reminiscing, catching up, and good times.

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