Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Binge, or Not to Binge

It's all the rage in the modern era of "television". I felt the need to put the word "television" in quotes because it's something different than what it was when I was a kid, and it still seems to be, for lack of a better word, evolving.

With services like Netflix, Hulu, and longtime cable networks like showtime and HBO that once were "movie" networks now almost specializing in original programming, where we watch out "television" has begun to change how we watch it.

Traditionally, we watch a series as it airs, commonly weekly, during the course of a television season. Today, we have the option of consuming a series at out own pace, we can choose to watch it over a long period of time, in a serialized fashion, or we can "binge" and watch as many episodes as out popcorn supply will allow - even an entire season in a single day if we so desire.

My question to you, what do you think about this? have you ever done it? What do you consider the pluses and minuses?

For me, I'm on both fences, for so much of my life, there was only one way to watch a TV series, and in fact, for a part of it, if you missed it, there was no DVR or even VCR, there was no on-demand, you missed it meant you missed it and that was it. Of course today, I can now see many of the things I missed  as so many of those old shows are available in some form. I recently binge watched the entire 13 episode first season of a Netflix sitcom called "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" over a 4 day period (it was fantastic by the way) after "hijacking" my daughter's Netflix account while she was spending school vacation week in Milan.

I just rented season 1 of the 1960's show "Get Smart", a show I watched as a kid but want to revisit and an only now seeing the recently ended sitcom "Parks and Recreation" via my Amazon Prime account. I never saw an episode of The Sopranos while it aired as I never had HBO at that time, but two years after the series ended, I watched the entire series in a period of about a month or two.

While I absolutely still cherish a well some "serialized" drama or series that airs over a period of time and the anticipation of what the next episode will bring, I also like the possibilities that the modern age has brought us.

I guess if you've learned anything from reading this, in the case you didn't already know, I am kind of a TV junkie...and I am kind of okay with that.

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